Wyoming (Area 90) Al-Anon/Alateen

District 10 Meetings

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District Meetings:

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Cheyenne,  Laramie,  Pine Bluffs

  S.O.S.  (Search Out Serenity) Al-Anon


    Laramie County Public Library (Willow Room)
    2200 Pioneer Ave.

Meets on Tuesday on Holidays


Group Contact - Tom C at 307-421-3614

  Serenity Al-Anon #1


 7:30 pm
    300 Club
    300 Derr Ave.

Group Contact - Margaret M at 307-514-2114

  Wednesday Step Study


 7:30 pm
    Laramie County Public Library (Willow Room)
    2200 Pioneer Ave.

Group Contact - Bill A at 307-630-2350

  Thank God It's Thursday AFG


    Laramie County Public Library (Ask at Desk for Meeting Room)
    2200 Pioneer Ave.

Group Contact - Shirley T at 307-631-4877

  Thursday Afternoon AFG


 4:00 pm
    Regional VA Medical Center (The Chapel)
    2360 E. Pershing Blvd.

Group Contact - Jan B at 307-286-2306

  O'DAT Friday Night Al-Anon


 8:00 pm
    Holy Trinity Church (Education Building)
    2530 E. 18th St.

Group Contact - Pat H at 307-631-3162

  Saturday Morning Al-Anon


 10:30 am
    Faith United Methodist Church
    522 E. 6th St.

Group Contact - Chris S at 307-514-1131

  District X Hotline
Please Call: 307-632-7706 or 888-401-4446

District X Meeting

  District X Meeting




Note: Please contact Pat H at 307-314-2284 to confirm date/time.
We're taking the summer off and next year our meetings might not all be the first Saturday of the month. Thanks!

    Faith United Methodist Church
    522 E. 6th St.
  Easy Does It AFG Sunday  6:30 pm
      Thursday  5:30 pm
    Trinity Lutheran Church
    107 S. 7th St.

Group Contacts - Mark G at 307-760-4716


If you would like to speak to someone from District X

Please call Margaret M at 307-514-2114

District 10 Meeting Schedule - Download

The Al-Anon Declaration
Let it begin with me
when anyone, anywhere, reaches out
for help let the hand of Al-Anon
and Alateen always be there, and
let it begin with me.