Wyoming (Area 90) Al-Anon/Alateen

District 8 Meetings

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District Meetings:

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Green River, Rock Springs, Washam

Green River
  Tomahawk Al-Anon Monday  7:00 pm
    Wednesday  7:00 pm
    Tomahawk Building
    96 N. 1st E., #205
    Group Contacts - Judy at 307-875-6031
    and Donna at 307-875-8157
Rock Springs
  Rock Springs Brown Bag Al-Anon


    Rock Springs Library
    400 C St.
    Group Contact - Anita W at 307-362-7465
  Rock Springs Al-Anon


 8:00 am
    402 S. Main St.    

Group Contact - Melissa B at 307-362-3141


If you would like to speak to someone from District VIII

Please call Donna at 307-875-8157

 or Judy G at 307-875-6031

The Al-Anon Declaration
Let it begin with me
when anyone, anywhere, reaches out
for help let the hand of Al-Anon
and Alateen always be there, and
let it begin with me.